Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual



AMCOL manufactures automatic lubrication solutions for hot billet shearing and extrusion butt shearing, including polymeric water based and boron nitride powder based dummy block and billet release agents. AMCOL’s automatic spray systems ensure effective coating and efficient application in these critical areas.

CANMIST High Performance Lubricants and 6000 Series Lubrication Systems have become synonymous with near dry sawing of hot and cold aluminum billets, extrusions, and castings. The rugged and reliable 6000 Series Lubrication Systems offer manifolded spray nozzles and air assisted spray tips for higher velocity fluid droplets for consistent blade coverage and improved cut quality. CANMIST High Performance Lubricants are tailored for and developed in the aluminum extrusion industry. No smoke fluids for hot billet sawing, heat treatable non-staining lubricants, and dry chips are just some of the benefits.

Flood coolants and MQL for CNC machining offer you choices and flexibility for your manufacturing process. 6000 Series Lubrication Systems offer on-the-part, on-the-tool, and through-the-tool options as well as selectable volume settings to accommodate many fabrication methods. CANMIST High Performance Lubricants and CHARCOOL flood coolants are compatible with cleaning, welding, and packaging operations. 

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