Extrusion Press Maintenance Manual




Aluminum Extrusion Equipment and Systems that Maximize Performance and

Profits.  Recognized as a global leader, GRANCO CLARK has earned a record of

more successful aluminum extrusion equipment installations than any other

North American company. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll realize when 

you choose a GRANCO CLARK aluminum extrusion system:

  • Reduced scrap
  • Enhanced throughput
  • Less downtime
  • Lower labor costs
  • Higher-quality profiles 

GRANCO CLARK makes everything you need to:

  • heat
  • cool
  • pull
  • stretch
  • handle
  • cut
  • stack
  • age
  • manage aluminum extrusions 

GRANCO CLARK is the exclusive sponsor of Chapter 8 - Extrusion Handling Systems

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